The Rare Stone Collection- A Halloween Special

Part of what makes our lip products special is the shapes. By far the most unique of them is the Rare Stone Collection. Inspired by precious stones and metals, they are dual-purpose and can be used as either a lip shimmer or a highlighter.

We are tapping into the beauty of the earth with this exquisite collection. All are made from a super simple, all-natural ingredient list. Your lips will be soft and your mind at ease knowing these products are made to protect you and the environment.

Check out the quiz below to find out which of the Rare Stones you are. Share your results and tag us on Instagram to get a 20% discount code.

Let’s meet the collection.

Amethyst Lip Shimmer & Highlighter

In spiritual circles, amethyst is known for its influence over dreams, intuition, and healing. Amethyst Lip Shimmer is our way of bringing that touch of magic into the everyday. With Halloween approaching, it is a great way to add a final finish to your costume. With a beautiful, unique purple pigment, it will give you a one-of-a-kind sparkle.

Check it out here for your personal touch of magic.

Diamond Lip Shimmer & Highlighter

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

They have traditionally been symbols of power, purity, and divine energy. Diamonds invoke a feeling of luxury and high-class grace. We wanted to give the beauty of diamonds to you. The Diamond boasts a gorgeous white shimmer, perfect for classy events and everyday use.

Check it out here and get yourself a luxurious gift.

Copper X Lip Shimmer & Highlighter

Copper attracts positive energy. It promotes self-healing, independence, and happiness. Copper conjurers an image of refined beauty. Like with Diamond it contains an air of poise, but holds a stronger, more earthy sense of power. As a highlighter, it pairs perfectly with one of our deep red lipsticks such as Sinner, Burnt Crimson, or Fierce. Use it every day or on special occasions, it won’t fail to give you a boost of confidence.

Check it out here and uncover your inner power.

With hard to find pigments, the Rare Stone Collection is a truly luxurious line. Full of moisturizing properties it will keep your lips soft and shimmery.

Kokum butter will provide a silky, hydrating boost to your lips. Coconut, jojoba, and shea oils will lock-in the moisture, keeping your lips soft. The oils also provide nourishment that heals your lips.

Check out the Rare Stone Collection here and get that magical, graceful, confidence you’ve been looking for.

Stone Type Quiz

Are you a mystical Amethyst?

A stunning Diamond?

Or a powerful Copper?

Time To find out!

  1. What is your go-to drink?

  2. Coffee or tea

  3. Anything in a wine glass

  4. Something totally new

2) You enjoy…

  1. Walks by yourself in the forest

  2. A fancy night out

  3. Spending the day going on adventures

3) What's your ideal evening?

  1. Curled up with a book or a movie

  2. Drinks in the city

  3. Backyard camping

4) You value…

  1. Intuition

  2. Purity

  3. Independence

5) Your outfit of choice is…

  1. A long flowing dress with sandals

  2. The latest trend

  3. Shorts and a tee

6) Your dreams include

  1. Fairies

  2. A life of luxury

  3. Adventure

If you answered mostly A you are Amethyst!

You have a talent for finding the magic in life. Dreamy, mysterious atmospheres, cozy nights, and intriguing stories. You strive to find the unique in the everyday. You can find the magic even on the hard days, renewing your sense of wonder. You are truly a rare find.

If you answered mostly B you are Diamond!

You love the high life. Luxury is your calling. Classy fashion and crystal chandelier parties are where you thrive. You have a talent for making the ordinary shine. You’re in a class all your own.

If you answered mostly C you are Copper!

Independent and always looking for a new adventure. You enjoy the simple and empowering moments of chasing life on your own. You are more than capable of picking yourself up and healing after rough times. You are a beauty like no other.

Share your results on Instagram and tag us for a 20% off discount code. Valid through October 31st. See you there!

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