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Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Being Eco-friendly has grown over the recent years from a trend into a way of life. States and even countries are ditching single-use plastic items, plastic over wrapped delivery items and are switching to using cloth, glass and cardboard. So many options are available today so why not dive in and take a look into your own products at home? Are you still using plastic q-tips? Are you using face wipes when you could switch to a cloth material?

Reusable cotton rounds

Reusable cotton rounds hit the market not too long ago and they are immediately a brilliant craze that will last forever. Using one small piece of cotton every time we wipe away a piece of makeup can begin to add up. Though cotton isn't very bad, like plastic, we could always take a step further into bettering ourselves. There are many options for reusable cotton rounds these days, You can make your own or buy pack. I've made my own reusable makeup remover pads by taking old cloth and sewing it together into little squares. If you're not much into DIY you can always buy some beautiful packs from Amazon. The best part is they're not too expensive and over time, being the reusable items they are, you will save more money in the long run buying these.

Glass instead of plastic

Skincare is that an all-time rise as people are becoming more aware of ingredients in their beauty products. It's important to take a look at the containers of our beauty care products. Is our eye cream held in a plastic jar or a glass jar? Switching from plastic to glass is more expensive for big companies but it looks like many of them are doing it so it shouldn't be as difficult as it was even a year ago to find your favorite products in glass. Bloom Allure uses glass container for all their creams, scrubs and masks.

Plastic free shampoo bar

Shampoo and conditioner bars are all the Rachel right now in the Eco-friendly community. Using a bar instead of a shampoo bottle can save landfills from thousands of pounds of plastic every year. These bars are formulated specifically with ingredients to act as a shampoo or conditioner. by this I mean they will not dry out your hair as a normal soap bar does. I know For me this was a big concern. Though of course some shampoo and bars work better than others and it's different for each hair type. But it is worth experimenting around this category.

Reusable silicon make up sponges

Silicon is in the plastic family, Though when compared to make up sponges that get thrown out every few weeks, this option is more sustainable. Clean off your silicon brush after every use and it'll last almost a lifetime. A bonus this item provides, it wont eat up your foundation like sponges do! This is like a win win. If you want something far from the plastic family though, I'd recommend a foundation brush with a bamboo handle.

Reusable sheet mask

I love a good facial, though I hate wasting face sheet masks. A sustainable alternative is a DIY cotton face sheet mask. Soak up your favorite face products in this mask, apply to your face, then just rinse it off for another use. You could honestly use this mask forever. Cotton is a thin, breathable cloth. There are other options like a face mask without cloth. Clay masks are good for this. Though if you're using thin oils, they will dry out quick without a thin sheet over the face.

This is by no means a perfect list, or long. More and more beauty products are becoming sustainable every day. Just stay conscious with your decisions at a beauty store. Glass is always better than plastic, bamboo is more than a trend and sustainable means more for your dollar in the long run.

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