New Skincare Line

We are super excited to introduce a few of our new, upcoming skincare products!

If you are a skincare enthusiast like we are, you can appreciate a good mask. We have four we think you will love. All of our upcoming products contain gentle, skin nutritious kaolin clay. It cleanses and exfoliates without absorbing all the skin’s natural oils, making it less drying than your typical clay masks. It infuses your skin with trace minerals and removes impurities.

Each mask is unique. And color-coded. We have a French Green, which contains greens from land and sea. We have a yellow mask, loaded with turmeric and flowers. A pink one, with berries rarely used in western products. And a cream full of floral aromas and berries.

French Green Clay Mask

Key ingredients:

Rosemary, Sage, Wakame seaweed bio-ferment, Kaolin Clay

Our French Green Clay Mask boasts potent ingredients from both land and sea. Packed with rich minerals, antioxidants, and protective ingredients such as kaolin clay, rosemary, sage, and wakame seaweed bio-ferment. Great for both face masks and body treatments.

From the land.

As far as natural toners go, rosemary and sage are powerhouses. While rosemary stimulates circulation, sage reduces fine lines and is beneficial to oily skin. They work together in a wonderful balance to keep your skin’s pH on point.

From the sea.

In recent years, seaweed has become a popular ingredient in skincare. For a good reason, too. Our wakame seaweed bio-ferment is potent with polysaccharides, antioxidants, and minerals - all of which fortify the skin. It stimulates collagen production and shields it from damage, keeping your skin's foundation firm. It contains hyaluronic acid, which we talked about in our Hydrating Ingredients post. As well as having high levels of B-group vitamins (B6 and B12 are anti-inflammatory).

A few other green ingredients in this mask that are beneficial are aloe, petitgrain, clary sage, and green tea that make a great formula that will keep you glowing.

Camomile Turmeric Clay Mask

Key ingredients:

Turmeric, Carrot Seed Oil, Chamomile, Kaolin Clay

Looking for a mask to firm up your skin? Try this one out.

Turmeric is has been used for its medicinal value for centuries. It works magic on your skin as well. It is able to activate over a dozen anti-inflammatory compounds known as NRF2’s. NRF2’s are basically super-antioxidants that aren’t dissolved during the radical neutralization process’ like with Vitamin C. They stick around and attract electrons, which protects collagen and other skin structures from inflammation. It’s a dual-acting, multi-faceted skincare ingredient.

Carrot seed oil is a natural toner and moisturizer, great for all skin types. It has an amazing ability to regenerate and condition the skin for a youthful complexion. The carrot seed oil works in unison with the turmeric, creating a powerful shield against inflammatory agents.

Those are just the major ingredients. Others include ginger extracts, vitamin c, aloe, and MSM (a naturally occurring sulfur in the skin that aids in collagen and keratin production).

Schisandra Berry Clay Mask

Key ingredients:

Schisandra berry, Geranium, Rosehip oil, Kaolin Clay

Schisandra berry most likely won’t be familiar to westerners. It is considered a “king remedy” in Chinese medicine. When applied to the skin, its properties enable it to hold onto more moisture and remain pH balanced. It’s rich in vitamins C and E, helping the skin remain soft and nourished.

It also includes rosehip seed oil, great for scar healing and providing non-comedogenic moisture. Categorized as a dry oil, it soaks in extra fast providing needed relief to stressed skin.

Geranium (one of our favorite flowers for beauty and skincare) is great for fine line reduction and toning. Geranium essence imparts a sweet softness and natural glow to the skin.

In addition, it also contains MSM and frankincense. Making it a powerful fortifying mask that is worthy of your self pamper weekends.

Bamboo & Cranberry Oxygen Mask

Key Ingredients:

Bamboo, cranberry, kaolin clay

Utilizing the therapeutic properties of bamboo and cranberries, we created a mask to gently exfoliate and nourish the skin. The ingredients provide antibacterial properties and antioxidants. It is wonderful for revitalizing stressed skin. Containing periwinkle and green tea it works wonders as an anti-aging treatment. Lipoic and glycolic acids in this mask increase cell turnover.

Be sure to patch-test before use, as sensitive types may have a reaction to the acids. Using the mask under steam is beneficial. It is also a manual exfoliation treatment, so be careful when manipulating it to not rub hard and damage your skin.

Other unique ingredients contained in this mask are apricot kernel oil, botanical hyaluronic acid, sweet orange, Japanese honeysuckle, lemongrass essential oil, and hibiscus.

We have moisturizers!

Shea Hydration Butter, Passion Fruit Butter, and Grandeur Soufflé

They are packed with premium-quality ingredients like pumpkin seed oil, passionflower, shea butter, aloe, and more. All are ideal for dry skin and cold weather.

Our most unique is the Grandeur Soufflé lotion. It comes whipped and fluffy like a soufflé.

Our Shea Hydration Butter contains no triethanolamine (which is an incredibly rare find in personal care products).

Our Passion Fruit Butter is a lovely, oil-filled (but non-greasy) lotion perfect for wintertime weather.

We can’t wait for you to try our skincare out!