Ingredients to Avoid in Lip Products

What goes on your body, ends up in your body. This is like the cosmetic version of the saying, You are what you eat. Both are completely true and I live by it. The skin on your lips are very thin, and therefore your blood stream absorbs ingredients on your lips much more easily than anywhere else on your body. On top of that, since these products are on our lips they are inevitably consumed! We are doing more than just wearing the products on our lips, so with this in mind I believe its about time to dive into a list of ingredients that should never end up on your lips or in your body because even with these warnings, big companies still use these ingredients, knowing that you will buy them for their price or status.

Petroleum jelly, petrolatum, mineral oil

These are all the names petroleum jelly carry. This was once a popular ingredient in lip products and even though most companies switched to beeswax and glycerin, some still use petrolatum. Did you know petrolatum is just a refined ingredient of the same ingredient that goes into your car? Even refining this ingredient has to be done using toxic compounds. Petrolatum causes air-tight barriers on the skin, this is why its popular in cosmetics. These barriers make us think its to lock in moisture, as advertisements have told us, and there is nothing wrong with locking in moisture. We all want this! The real problem is that petroleum is what's locking in moisture, because it also locks in everything else that comes with this toxic chemical, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. This is known to have links to breast cancer. The absorbing powers of petrolatum just enhances these toxic chemicals even more.

Lanolin Oil

This oil has been used in the skin care and cosmetic industry for years as an emollient to lock in moisture and prevent water loss. Though Lanolin has a reputation irritating sensitive skin and causing allergic reactions. The skin on our lips in so thin and sensitive, this is the last ingredient that should be near such sensitive skin. If this isn't bad enough, multiple studies show that lanolin samples can contain pesticide residues. This can accumulate in fat tissue, including the breast tissue and get into the milk of a breast feeding mother. The EPA has set a limit to how much pesticide residue is allowed in lanolin, though with that in mind, they do still how some amount in there. With the studies and the sensitivity problem, I'd just stay away from this ingredient.


This is a fossil wax used in lip products to keep it from crumbling and to maintain the shape of the lip product. It is harvested from coal and shale through mining. Being a fossil wax that has just been mined, its no mystery as to why its pure color is black. But last I checked, its very popular in nude and bright red lipsticks. That’s right, this fossil wax is heavily refined to become white or yellow for cosmetics, just like paraffin wax, another wax known for being refined as well as its toxic properties. Though this wax is allowed to be used, there is a high impact on the environment in able to extract it from the ground. Keeping that in mind and how its processed, I think I will be sticking to more face friendly ingredients and environmentally friendly ingredients.


This is a very popular and loved ingredient in the cosmetic industry, and it has many names. These names include, flavor, aroma and perfume. Spraying perfume on your skin is absolutely pleasant, but putting a harsh alcohol ingredient like this on your lips? No thank you. These scents are often synthetically manufactured in labs where they are hush hush about the chemicals they use to make such a scent. Though we do know that alcohols are used to make synthetic fragrances and we do know how drying alcohol is as well. If a lip product is made right, natural and chemical free, there should be no need to add more chemicals to get rid of the smell from the other chemicals. Choose lip products with oils instead, these have natural aromas coming from the ingredient that was used, such as sweet orange oil or argan oil.


This ingredient probably shocked me the most. The other ingredients I have noticed in cheap products, the ones we know are chemical but only buy because its $2 so why not. But geraniol is a whole other mess that I have seen in lip balms that are a whopping $24 and more! This is a fragrance ingredient, so I could have mentioned it earlier in the fragrance category, but this little guy needed his own paragraph. Geraniol is extracted from geranium and it is capable of causing skin sensitivity. Our lips are sensitive and now, we have an ingredient in our lip products to make them even more sensitive! Not only that, but research shows that geraniol can oxidize in the air, causing damage when applied to the skin. Geraniol has a rose-like odor, therefore it is popular in the cosmetic field. Watch out for any rose scent lipsticks, creams, moisturizers and bath products.

This is a list of the basic ingredients to avoid when purchasing a cosmetic product. Lists like this are almost never done but it is a good stopping point until my next list! Try to avoid these ingredients and whenever possible buy the most natural and organic products you can. Bloom Allure is 100% natural and Eco-friendly, this is why they say the brand is, "luxury as nature intended.". Do you want your lips to actually heal or do you just want a shiny product that smells like a tropical beach or a flower garden?

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