How to Fix Dry & Chapped Lips

As seasons change so do routines. We change foundations because we got a beautiful tan, we change our wardrobe and skin care routine. With these seasonal changes the weather can sometimes give us a little present, sometimes it’s a sunburn and sometimes its flaky lips. Chapped lips are typically caused by environmental exposures and this leads to irritation and redness. Our lips react differently to these exposures because our saliva enzymes dry out our lips, contact with spicy food causes sensitivity and the sun can all be damaging. Don’t worry, I have a few tips up my sleeve to share!


First we have to start with the flaky dry skin on our sensitive lips! Its important to let that new skin breath. Though this is an important step, don’t exfoliate more than three times a week, or your lips could get over sensitive. Use a gentle exfoliant and only if you have noticeable flaking on your lips. Using a lip scrub in a small jar container is better than using a stick balm scrub because the scrubs in jars tend to be more gentle on skin since its cream based instead of wax based.

Lip Mask and Lip Treatments

If you're exfoliating your lips and exposing baby skin, Its important to care for that skin afterwards. After exfoliating use a lip balm to lock moisture into your lips. If you are prone to dry lips often, it might be time to invest in a lip mask. This is just like lip balm but comes in a cream form or with a sheet mask. Lip masks and treatments also tend to have a thicker base, as to be more effective and moisturizing. Due to their thicker bases, try wearing these at night right before bed to really lock in the great ingredients.

Wear Lip Balm Regularly

Constantly licking our lips, cold weather, hot weather, hydration levels, and more; our lips go through a lot every day. Its best to stay safe and wear lip balm everyday and reapply as needed. I know there are ideas out there that our lips can get addicted, or the idea that wearing lip balm will just make your lips dry. Though this only happens with cheaper and chemical lip balms. Always research ingredients when purchasing a product that goes on your skin, or use products recommended by friends and family. If you are still wary of lip balm, covering lips with an emollient, anything that locks in moisture, is still very important and there are some house hold items you could use instead. Coconut butter and olive oil work for the lips.

What to look for in Lip Products

When buying a lip balm for everyday use, look for moisturizing oils on the ingredient list. I always say, if you cant understand the ingredient list because it looks like chemical mumbo-jumbo, run. Its always best to understand what's in your products. Look for oils such as jojoba oil, safflower oil, coconut oil, anything thick and nourishing. Rich waxes are also better over petroleum jelly's. I wrote an article I will link below explaining how petroleum is bad for lips! Look for added moisturizing ingredients as well. This can be a little Rosehip, or ceramide for added moisture and protection. 100% natural products has always been my favorite, because you can read exactly what's in the product without google by your side!

Simple Zero Lip Balm

This is one of my favorite simple lip balms by Bloom Allure. It contains ingredients that are moisturizing yet picked out perfectly for people who don’t like a scent to their products, have extra sensitive skin even to natural ingredients and provides a very neutral tone.

Moroccan Rose Lip Balm

I love the smell of roses and the benefits roses provide. Moroccan Rose by Bloom Allure has a delicate rose smell using actual dried, crushed rose petals. Moroccan Rose also uses actual rose wax, which has anti-inflammatory benefits, locks in moisture and of course, has an amazing delicate smell of roses. It uses all the same natural ingredients as Simple Zero balm but adds that floral scent, for those who enjoy a little extra in their products.

Oats & Ceramide Multi-Balm

Oats and Ceramide is a balm meant for the entire body, to treat dry, irritated and inflamed skin. Put it on your lips, face, elbows, wherever you have dry skin, a rash or eczema.

These are just a few of my favorite Bloom Allure products. The creator of Bloom Allure created these products all natural, vegan and for all skin types. Because the ingredients are natural, they have little to no potential to irritate the skin as chemicals do.

Having a lip care routine is just as important as a skin care routine, considering how thin and sensitive the skin on lips are. Never forget your lip balm on a hot or windy day and always wear sun screen! To recap further, always read an ingredient list on the back of products, even on all natural products, especially if you have an allergy. If your lips are constantly dry, try a lip sleeping mask or a lip treatment balm. If nothing seems to be working then take a look at the ingredients as some chemical ingredients have drying agents in them. Take care always and seasonally too!

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